I won't lie.



Every fxxking time I see someone post a 'warm up' or a 'cool down' sketch on twitter or tumblr at a quality level of which it would have taken me weeks of heartbreak and sweat to produce just a pale spectre of, I want to cut out my heart with a dull object and violently shove the still spurting organ down the throats of these illustrative gods I obviously hold no candle to, and never will. 

 ...or maybe it's all illusion...the grandeur of mystery dangled just out of reach whilst these untouchable deities revel in our ignorant adorations.  

The problem is that there are are just so many and they are just so damn good, and oh god it makes one despair for all things and just drink. 

The truth MUST lie somewhere between 'FXXK YOU ALL, you're LIARS', and 'FXXK ME, I'm a FAILURE FOR ALL ETERNITY'.  

Which one is it? 

 It's the one I listen to, and I do so want/NEED to listen to the failure one on less of all the days. 



Can't go it alone though.  

See you there.