the Road 14 : The Thick Caesar

David and Ron meet to discuss the Podcast "S-Town" by Brian Reed, their goals for 2017 and how that went, and to discuss 2018 goals. As usual the boys stay exactly on topic and only discuss the agreed upon items. You know, like all your conversations with all your friends, right? Oh yeah, stay tuned to the end. Ron thought he lost it all, but managed to recover it. 2018 goal....don't lose podcasts.

the Road 12 : Just the tip

David and Ron take their usual meandering walk through life and enjoy a brief discussion about their pet peeves, The Beatles, and The Matrix. See, even when we have a topic we are prone to wander. Good thing we already learned about surviving the apocalypse. SQUIRREL!

the Road 09 : Surviving

In this weeks episode we have a look at survival ideas, do's and don'ts of the Apocalypse, and enjoy another cup of tea. Tea is great, and something you may not have post apocalypse. Unless you store some in a condom.

the Road 08 : Sober and all over Paul Harvey

In this episode we discuss David's return to winning at life, a bit of what's new, and a lengthy look at a 52 year old Paul Harvey News Editorial. I mean it. It's lengthy. It's at least this long. So settle in, grab a tea, and lose yourself in the sweet sounds of Achilles Last Stand.....oh wait, I mean David and Ron.

the Road 07 : The vs. episode

David, Ron, and Michael try to tackle smaller conversations of this vs. that. Of course we get lost in some current events off the top, and wander by the end, but we actually do get through eight or so topics along the way. Come with us on this adventure! You're almost sure to regret it, but we edited out all the really offensive stuff.

the Road 06 : Fitness and more

Michael and David start things off with some discussion about the potential risks of alcohol and pot and then we all move into a discussion about fitness. It's a smorgasbord of tips, tricks, and earth shattering facts that lead to some peer pressure goal setting. Nothing better than some good old peer pressure am I right?

the Road 01 : Prologue


In which we meet Ron and Dave and they discuss their map for the future of the show, and constantly derail themselves in entertaining ways.